FileCloud company reports EFSS Platform ability to Integrate Windows File Servers with IaaS Cloud


FileCloud offers enterprise information organization solutions and making information accessible worldwide from any internet connected device. FileCloud added a capability to integrate branch-office Microsoft Windows file servers along with IaaS cloud system. The software can reproduce files and permissions of the files on any local Microsoft Windows file servers. Also offers files synchronization within a co-worker teams or groups, let access and share flawlessly.

FileCloud ServerSync module enables a cross-cloud solution that uses Local Area Network (LAN) access when possible on environment and cloud based access then on remote connection. This allows customers to merge cloud solution of the choice. There is a capability to easily migrate data without stopping workflow. And on the same time it is possible to sync files to cloud with exact folder hierarchy and NTFS permissions. Module also adds an flawlessly solution to adding new branch-office file servers. Integration of LAN access within FileCloud provides latency-free work, while still offering cloud flexibility. This is important for collaborating on large scale files.