Introducing JumpShare desktop application for Windows OS


JumpShare is the file sharing service that lets you view more than 200 file formats. Before company decided to start developing application for Windows OS it was working only on browser. But in case that file sharing these days is becoming more and more popular every day so JumpShare founders decided to go further and develop application for desktop.

JumpShare is used to share almost everything. You can share files, screenshots, clipboard text and many more. You can use keyboard shortcuts to maximize speed. Extra features which makes JumpShare to stand out from competitors: integrated file locking with password and even option to create self-destructable files.

Once you drop files into JumpShare share links are automatically saved to your clipboard memory. All features are easilly accessible on JumpShare system tray icon.

So it's fresh and smart way to share files from your desktop computer. Give it a try and download application from